My favorite free Android apps (so far)

I have had Android for some months now. In this time I have found some really useful (or just really cool) free applications in the Android Market. These are, so far, the ones I use in a regular basis that I like the most:

1 – Seesmic. From all the different free Twitter clients available this is by far my favourite. It makes reading and posting tweets really fast, and makes it really easy to manage more than one account. It beats the official Twitter application because you can easily add comments to your RT, and I love how easy it is to tweet pictures and videos either you have them or you take them at the moment.

2 – Foursquare. If I’m addicted to Foursquare is because this application works perfectly. Especially after the update that makes adding tips and creating a personal “to do list” for each venue really easy (hopefully people actually reads these tips). Now I just need a cheap 3G connection and a battery that can handle the GPS on.

3 – Adobe Photoshop Express. I don’t even remember how I found this, but it’s just great. Obviously it doesn’t bring Photoshop to your smart-phone, but it’s a great application to edit a little bit that picture you just took and share it directly to Facebook or Twitter. You can crop, rotate and flip the canvas; edit colors, light and contrast; enhance the focus and add borders or effects. It’s probably one of the best thought applications for smart-phones… what else could you need to edit a picture taken with your phone?

4 – Skype. Yes, it is finally available for Android and it rocks. Do I have to explain why I love it? Free phone calls to other Skype users, cheap rates for international calls… just great. Although I could use some video if I’m talking to someone that is able to send it.

5 – Free advanced Task Manager. I’m a battery safer freak, so I love a widget that gives me the option to stop all running applications with just one touch. It also has an easy way to stop running services and uninstall applications. I don’t know if it’s the best option, but it works for me.

6 – Ultranote. Even if most people won’t believe it, I prefer Ultranote to Evernote for just one reason: I want to work offline. I use my notes application as a modern version of my handy old-fashioned notebook, and it really bothers me when I have to create accounts, log-in or wait until it synchronises with the computer or the web. I feel I’m wasting my time to just write an idea I had.

7 – Paper Toss. An addictive game that takes the best of the touch screen. So simple you never get tired of trying to beat your last record.

8 – Angry Birds. Probably one of the best games for smart-phones. I just can’t stop playing. One of the best things of Angry birds is that the free version has 17 levels, which is a lot to play for free.

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