Have you seen the new Ecosia?

I really like the new interface in http://www.ecosia.org

Although it seems difficult to believe, the Internet is full of alternative search engines to Google. Personally I’m not a fun of Yahoo (I don’t really know why, probably because it is more a webportal than just a search engine) and I feel weird using Bing since  Microsoft still has to gain my trust back, even when both search engines work perfectly.

That’s why I loved the project of Ecosia since I heared about it. Ecosia is a search engine powered both by Bing and Yahoo, so the results are more than just trustable (they will vary from Google, but that’s because SEO strategy focuss on Google’s algorythms and forget about other options – wich is fine considering Google’s 85% market share against the 6.5% of its closest competitor). The key difference of Ecosia is that they donate most of their revenues to protect the rainforest. Actually it’s also a point for Bing and Yahoo, since the process works as follows (as told in their own website):

  1. You search with Ecosia.
  2. Perhaps you click on an interesting sponsored link.
  3. The sponsoring company pays Bing or Yahoo for the click.
  4. Bing or Yahoo gives the bigger chunk (they don’t specify percentages) of that money to Ecosia.
  5. Ecosia donates at least 80% of this income to support WWF’s work in the Amazon.

The problem  for Ecosia was that their interface was a bit too simple, and it didn’t have many options that just browsing the Internet to find websites.

But that has changed. Ecosia offers now the option to search for sites, images, maps, news and videos. And they have updated the interface to make it easy but appealing.

They have grown up and the result is really cool. Congratulations.

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