Veggie Ipsum, in case you don’t like bacon

After sharing in this blog the marvelous of Bacon Ipsum last week, Raúl Ferrer sent me from Sweden another alternative to Lorem Ipsum dummy text generator. Let me introduce you to Veggie Ipsum.

Actually inspired in Bacon Ipsum, it was built by a small team omnivores with a token vegan on board to provide an alternative to Lorem Ipsum that everyone—even vegans and vegetarians—could enjoy. It’s really simple, with no option to choose the length of your text, although it still allows you to “grow” new text. You don’t really need more, and this is the perfect option if you are designing a website with healthy contents: food, sports, ecology…

Veggies es bonus vobis, proinde vos postulo essum magis pea sprouts okra amaranth soko garlic shallot black-eyed pea.

Nori rutabaga avocado catsear beetroot welsh onion kohlrabi. Aubergine brussels sprout chickweed amaranth cabbage daikon soko jícama aubergine peanut tomatillo watercress grape onion. Swiss chard daikon bok choy maize taro pea chicory amaranth collard greens summer purslane tomato sierra leone bologi.

Personally I prefer Bacon Ipsum to the happy broccoli, but it’s still a nice alternative to the over-used Lorem Ipsum that deserves recognition.

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