Peugeot’s “Take the Car” challenge

This is the concept of Peugeot’s campaign in Sweden designed by the agency  Volt – Stockholm. The idea was to reinvent the famous “Touch The Car” challenges that took place in the stores and take them to the 2.0 scenario, using an interactive video and Facebook. Those willing to accept the challenge should log into Facebook and visit the campaign’s website, then choose a car and hold down the mouse button for as long as they could. The company set small challenges on the way to avoid contestants cheating, and those who lasted more “holding on” to the car got to drive it for a week.

The video shows that the winners lasted around 10 to 15 hours holding down the mouse. I believe it’s a great effort just to drive a car for a week, but according to the site had 45.000 visitors from 86 countries, even though it was specifically designed just for Sweden. The most interesting part is that the website spat out over 9,000 words of pure sales information to help brainwash contestants into wanting the car! (as read in

What would you expose yourself to 10 hours of marketing messages -and probably finger crambs- for?

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