Experiences are a better communication tool than ads

I shared this video from Carlsberg on Facebook and it started an interesting debate about wether or not this kind of actions is actually more interesting for the company in terms of ROI than traditional advertising. One of my friends was saying that its impact is small compared to the big mass you can reach with an ad on TV, and therefore the return of investment can’t be bigger. But I disagree.

First of all, traditional advertising, wether it’s an ad on TV, radio or a newspaper, is very expensive, and that affects its ROI critically. This action is, compared to traditional ads, way cheaper: movie theater tickets for all the stunts (and Carlsberg probably got a deal with the movie theater for this action), and a payment for them, which probably won’t be that high snce they aren’t famous and none of them has a main role.

Also, this action reaches not only the few couples involved, but all the people that watch the video on YouTube, sharing it in Facebook and Twitter helping to spread this message. It’s a perfect video for viral marketing: short, fun, different, happy. In the specific case of beer this is very important, since many countries have regulations for alcohol advertising that doesn’t apply to social media.

But I believe the biggest ROI of the campaign is not in the ciphers but in the emotional side of communications. I understand that the video probably won’t be seen for as many people as an ad on TV, but those people are sharing a experience, and that makes the impact much higher. What we see in the video is real people going through emotions, and it could be you or me. Of course the couples that lived it are by far the most impacted by the campaign, but we all get the feeling.

Advertising is not dead, and probably it will never die, but we have had enough of it and it’s getting harder to impact deeply in us with just a creative message. Experiences, in the other hand, will always be related to our emotional side, making us feel the message rather than just “get it”, and that should be the goal of communications.

Do you think experiences are a better communication tool than advertising?

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