Firefox’s search bar, that killer feature


After using Rockmelt for around a year and getting really annoyed with it’s over-focuss on Facebook and some not-so-well integrated details, I have gotten back to Firefox. I was afraid of missing the one-button sharing to social media tool, but I found the F1 extension which actually allows me to post to more accounts than Rockmelt (several Facebook accounts instead of just one, plus LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo), and so far I only miss the edges with the integrated RSS buttons to follow my favourite blogs directly from the browser.

But on the other hand I have Firefox’s search bar back, which is without any doubt my killer application in terms of Internet browsing. I like the “awesome” bar concept that most browsers integrate now, but I find this search bar to actually make my live easier and my browsing faster. The reason is simple: it allows me to switch search engines without having to visit each one’s website.

Using firefox’s search bar, when I type my enquiry I can choose if I want to search in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other engine, which also makes the “default browser” issue a small deal. But it’s even better: I can set up specific search engines such as Amazon, eBay, Wikipedia, WordReference translations, online dictionaries, YouTube… and that’s what really makes me save time everytime I need to search something in those sites.

Safari also has this search box, although in order to define more search engines you have to use the Glims extension. I’m a Firefox fan, but I recognize that if you dig enough Safari also has some really nice features. Too bad it’s not available for all OS.

2 thoughts on “Firefox’s search bar, that killer feature”

  1. Why do you want to search with different search engines? With Chrome, I am happy with just typing my search directly in the URL bar and it uses Google.

    I can understand for wanting to search in YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, ect but you can also do that with Chrome directly in the URL bar by typing let’s say YouTube, then you press tab. The search you make will be in YouTube.

    I really prefer the experience of searching directly in the URL address than having 2 separate fields for the URL and the other for the search.

    I didn’t install a sharing plugin on my chrome though because I tend to use Hootsuite but that would be pretty useful.

  2. Sometimes I feel like trying what’s out there other than Google 😉 Anyways, it takes me more time to type where I want to search (Youtube, Wikipedia, etc.) and press tab than just choose the search engine with two clicks. And I find it specially usefull with things like wordreference: I have in the search bar four WordReference engines (English to Spanish, Spanish to English, French to Spanish, Spanish to French), what allows me to type a word and get it translated really fast.

    What I don’t like about the extensions/plugins is that I feel it makes the browser heavy and slow, when i like it simple and fast. That’s why for managins SM I also use Hootsuite, but I find the button to share is fast if you want to share what you are reading and you don’t need to publish it everywhere.

    What FF is still missing is a good incognito/private browsing mode, so you can log in with different accounts in the same site at the same time.

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