Social Media impressive numbers in 2011

This video published by Video Infographs is the perfect tool to help stuborn companies and managers understand in less than three minutes the importance of Social Media, and even to show Goverments how unstopable is content sharing in Internet.

It’s impressive to read how every second two new LinkedIn accounts are created, or how 30 billion pieces of content are shared every month, but if you look just at Facebook data (510.000 post comments, 293.000 status updates and 136.000 photos upladed… every single minute!), How can anybody imagine they can get around without social media? How is it possible that some politicians still think they can control what happens in the Internet?

It’s dumb to not realize how big the social change is. Yes, it’s possible that one day people get bored of Facebook, but I can’t see any future where people is not constantly connected, where the conversation and the social factor is crutial for any brand and action. From social shopping to political communication and personal relationships, social media and web 2.0 is where everything is going to happen, because it is where everything is already happening.

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