Free QR code creator with landing page and stats

Landing page with my personal information for a QR code, created with

Once you decide to try out the potential of QR codes, you face one big question: how to create them? There are hundreds of services online that will help you, and if you have a tight budget you can easily find a free one to fit your needs. That was my case, and I was really happy to find

Most of the times, the QR creators only give you the option to link somewhere, so you have to decide if you want to link to your Facebook page, to your Twitter account, to your video on YouTube, to your website or to one blog post. But for your campaign you might want to show all the links to your Web 2.0 profiles, and it doesn’t make sense to have on QR code for each and print all the codes together, right?

That’s when you realize that what you really need is an specific landing page for QR codes, not only because of the contents but because QR codes are scanned through smartphones and tablets, and therefore you need your landing page to be optimized for mobile devices. Bad news is that if your budget is tight hiring a web designer to create this landing page might be out of your reach.

But this is exactly what I like about it’s a free QR generator that creates a landing page for your codes, in which you can show different the social actions choosing from a wide enough list: Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, redirection to URL, Text Note, Google Places and App Store. Or you can also create a QR code to show (and link to) your contact information, great to add to your business card or your resumé, which generates a landing page as the one shown in the image of this post. And of course you can just link to your perfectly designed landing page, if you have it. Literally, you can have your QR code and its optimized landing page ready in less than five minutes.

And it gets even better. Still for free, makes it easy to manage your QR codes by campaigns (they are saved in your account), you can edit the landing page without having to create a new code (so the old codes don’t die, you can update them -and you should, since you never know when someone is going to find your code and scan it) and gives you stats of performance on each code (how many scans, geolocalization and devices used to scan them) that you can export on a CSV file to create your own reports.

Of course this solution can’t compete against hiring a web designer/developer. You can’t customize the landing page, not even reubicate the widgets in the order that you believe would work better for your campaign; you are limited to the images and texts either from your social media profiles (your Facebook or Twitter profile picture and description will be used) or from the service itself (if you add a URL, the default unchangeable text reads “Visit our web site”); you don’t get stats on the clicks on each of the widgets (how many users liked your Facebook page, followed you on Twitter or watch your video through the QR code), something that you could have creating your own landing page and using Google Analytics.

But I believe that for most small companies that just want to try how the QR codes work and what can they do with them, is a perfect solution. And not only because of prize and time saving, but also because from my experience I can say they have a good support via Twitter to help you out when something is not working or you can’t find what you need. So I highly recommend it!

Have you found any other QR tool that works for you? Where do you use or would use QR codes?

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