Political marketing videos

In the past few years political marketing videos have been largely used in any campaign. Internet and social media make them easier to share (more “viral”, if you wish), but it’s well known since long ago that videos are a very powerful tool in public relations for some important elements:

  1. Videos are perfect to explain complex concepts in a very understundable way.
  2. Videos are more engaging and therefore easier to remember and more”shareable”, wich boosts the campaign’s reach.
  3. Videos offer almost unlimited options to manipulate the truth, from colours and music to the edition and order in which images are shown and mixed with texts.
  4. Videos have this aura of transparency, which combines perfectly with #3.

We could also add that videos are actually quite easy to produce, which is exactly the idea behind Mozilla’s and PBS Newshour’s “AdLibs”. This web app which allows you to create your own political video using the same public relation concepts that actual political campaigns are based on. It takes around 5 minutes to finish a video, and it’s a great way to digg into how politics work now a days. I highly recommend to give it a try, even though I think they should give more sharing options other than Facebook (if you are not my Facebook friend you won’t be able to watch my video).

Screenshot of the Political Marketing Videos tool by Mozilla and PBS

2 thoughts on “Political marketing videos”

  1. I think this is quite interesting how AdLibs has made it easily accessible to people wishing to look into this topic. I have to agree that the political commercials can really stick with you. However, I find that the commercials for the current presidential campaign are not quite as sticking as some of the adds for my state representatives campaigns. The presidential commercials I find are far more professional. The state adds I can see are cheaply made but can be more amusing. But I have yet to see any commercial that will make or break my voting.

    1. Most probably the difference is on their budget: the presidential campaign moves lots of money, while on a local/state basis they can only afford so many professionals and equipment to work on their videos.

      But I do see how their ads move either to the attack by quotes out of context or bios to make the candidate closer to the voters in both scenarios!

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