corrected tweet

How to correct tweets

It happens to everyone on Twitter: once in a while post a tweet with a typo. It’s actually becoming really common thanks to iOS and Android auto correction tools, because the software checks for spelling mistakes and literally changes your words (normally to something either dirty or just really funny). But it can also be that your link doesn’t work, you link to the wrong page or you just got a name wrong. And then what?

Twitter doesn’t allow you to edit tweets, which protects the whole concept of retweeting and replying to them. A lot of people and companies just delete the tweet with the typo and post a corrected one. This would clean up your timeline, but has some disadvantages. For example, even though the tweet disappears from Twitter some third party clients like Hootsuite keep displaying it (if they retrieved it when you published). Also, some people might have seen it already, replyed to it or retweeted it. In any case, it could be considered that a tweet is not a transparent policy because of its similarity to trying to delete parts of your news release or public speech once it’s out there.

That’s why I like what Time Magazine seems to be doing. One easy, fast and very transparent way to correct your tweets: just post a second one and let people know it is a correction. You see? Social media can be as easy as just talking to a friend. Just make sure you double check all your tweets so you don’t have to post a lot of corrections, but don’t be afraid of publicly fixing your mistakes.

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